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L’Échaudé is usually frequented by regulars who like to meet at this place, which, for the personnel, is probably the best reward of them all. This loyalty can be explained by a warm welcome, a menu that evolves as the seasons come and go as well as classic items that give the establisment its current reputation. No wonder L’Échaudé is now part of the best restaurants to find in Québec City nowadays.

A new wind is blowing through l’Échaudé since 2015: three colleagues took over the restaurant since the departure of one of its founders. A vibrant, inspired team looking for new techniques as well as up-and-coming local producers and mindful of the vision and traditions established 30 years ago now welcomes you in this establishment. We are grateful for our devoted personnel who use their expertise every day in order to make each and every moment with you unique and memorable. We’d like to thank every person responsible for the restaurant’s current status as a reference in Quebec’s culinary industry : our regulars, the curious ones who visit us for the first time, our devoted employees, our persevering artisans and many more.

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